SynchroWood facade

Product info

coating: laminate
MDF board
sheet size:
facade size:
edge connection:
glueless seam, reverse
side matches front color

Synchronous, double-sided coating
Synchronous processing of the surfaces of the facades allows you to create a realistic look of wood and stone.

Combination with glueless edge banding technology
The use of "Hot Air" technology with special edge materials
"laser edge" will allow you to create truly monolithic parts.

Realistic surface effect
The surface of the facades imitates natural surfaces not only visually, but also tactilely. This is achieved through a unique laminate pressing technology, thanks to which the texture of the facade has a
realistic depth.

Environmental friendliness
Confirmed by a test at the Center of Hygiene and
Epidemiology of the Novosibirsk region.

video presentation of SynchroWood

List of SynchroWood facade colors SynchroWood

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