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General questions
Is it possible to order non-standard furniture facades from you?
Yes, of course, we make facades according to the size provided by the customer. The maximum size is 2750x1200mm. It is also possible to make facades according to individual sketches.
What determines the price of facades?
The cost of facades consists of a variant of decorative coating and milling. The price is calculated per square meter of the product. Example: 0.716*0.396*1 piece = 0.28 m2* price m2 = price of 1 piece of façade.
Where are facades made?
The production is located in Tomsk. All ready orders are sent by transport companies to our sales offices in the country, or are carried out by pickup.
What material is used in the production of facades?
The main components used are fine-grained MDF (medium-density fibreboard). Then PVC film or other decorative coatings are applied to the MDF, depending on the type of product. Different types of wood are used for the production of facades made of solid wood.
Questions about services
I live in another city. How can I buy your facades
The Tomsk Furniture Facades company has sales offices and dealers working all over Russia. You can find out about them in the "Contacts" section.
Do you make furniture?
We are a manufacturer of facades. You can order furniture from our partners furniture makers.
How long does it take to make and deliver an order?
You can get information on the production and delivery time at the nearest sales office in your region. A convenient way to contact the nearest sales office can be found on our website in the "Contacts" section. Since the production is located in Tomsk and orders are sent by transport companies, each region has its own production dates.
I want to replace only the facades of kitchen furniture. Is it possible?
Yes, of course, for the manufacture you need to choose a decorative coating and milling, as well as provide the dimensions of the facades.
Exchange and refund?
Furniture facades are made to order, for this reason, facades are not subject to return. It is only possible to alter the facade if a manufacturing defect is detected.
Is it possible to saw сut a facade?
It is not recommended to cut facades. This can lead to deformation, peeling and cracking of the products. The warranty does not apply to the cutting of facades.
What is included in the warranty for your products?
The warranty obligations include the elimination of defects on the facades caused by the fault of the manufacturer, or the replacement of facades with an identified manufacturing defect. The warranty does not apply to malfunctions and defects caused by the following reasons: in the presence of mechanical damage on the surface of facades, temperature influences or traces of chemical substances, ingress of a large volume of liquid on facades, etc. resulting from violation of the rules of operation of furniture facades by the consumer.
What is the warranty period?
Warranty on furniture facades - 24 months.
Facade care
Why did the PVC film come off next to the oven?
It is not recommended to expose facades to prolonged exposure to hot air (a loosely closed oven, a heated stove for a long time, lighting fixtures, heaters, hot steam, etc.). It is strictly forbidden to expose furniture facades to heat above +70C, because this can lead to melting, deformation and peeling of the PVC film from the base, including from the ends of the facades. The location of furniture at a distance of less than one meter from heating appliances and other heat sources causes deformation of the PVC film. In addition, constant exposure to direct sunlight is not recommended. If you leave the gas on to heat the room, then the film is likely to peel off. If the spout of the kettle boiling water is directed towards the facade, the film may peel off.
How to take care of wooden facades?
The superiority of facades made of natural wood is indisputable. Such products are always in fashion and are suitable for any interior. Proper care of solid wood furniture facades ensures its durability. Modern furniture facades require less care, because we use more advanced varnishes. Nevertheless, all wooden furniture, whether it is made of oak, ash, pine or birch, needs constant care. It should be protected from direct sunlight, high and low temperatures, dust and moisture. The sun's rays can change the color of wood - furniture facades fade, light spots appear on them, polishing may crack. Excessive humidity and extreme dryness harm furniture facades made of solid wood. In order for wooden furniture facades to last as long as possible, it is not necessary to use cheap products containing ammonia when cleaning. Wipe the dust regularly, use a soft cloth moistened with an antistatic agent for furniture.
Нow to take care of facades covered with PVC film?
The care of glossy facades is not much different from the care of matte and wood facades. Furniture facades should not be wiped with hard sponges or brushes. Only soft fabrics, like microfiber, can be used for care. Wipe with 1% soap solution, glass cleaning agents or polish for glossy surfaces. Do not use abrasive cleaners containing chlorine, acetone.
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