/ Набор Synchrowood

The SynchroWood plate set is a small sample box. They are convenient to hold in your hands, carry and visually present the general appearance of the material. With the help of the kit, you can see the quality of textures and colors in reality. 


Detailed information: 

  • box size: 245 x 190 x 130
  • size of one sample: 160 x 120 x 18
SynchroWood WOOD Kit
  • samples included: 13 pcs.
SynchroWood STONE Kit
  • samples included: 13 pcs.


All variants of colors and textures of the collection can be viewed on the company's website in the decor types section.

синхровуд набор _022.png

SYNCHROWOOD double-sided plates are a modern solution that expands the possibilities of furniture design. This is a durable facade material with high-quality embossing, imitating the natural textures of wood and stone. 

Additionally, you can purchase a fan of samples of the same series.