/ Веер RAL, WoodColor и NCS
The tinting fan is a color guide made in a convenient compact form. According to the fan, you can choose the right color for the products for painting, as well as the necessary shades for your interior. By memorizing the color number, you can get exactly the same paint, using the same fan.


Detailed information:

Fan RAL K7 classic

  • fan size: 155 x 58 x 18; 
  • 207 colors.

Fan RAL + Wood color
  • fan size: 210 x 70 x 22; 
  • 300 colors from the Wood color palette + 207 colors from the RAL classic palette.

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The NCS Index 1950 color catalogue contains a complete collection of standard NCS colors and provides unlimited scope for imagination in the selection of shades and the creation of harmonious color combinations!


Detailed information:

Fan of colors NCS Index 1950

  • color fan size: 300 x 80 x 80; 
  • 1950 colors.

In appearance, a tinting fan, is a stack of rectangular cards fastened in a corner and opening in the form of a fan. Different colors are applied on the maps. Each color is assigned a digital marking. The number of shades of colors in each tinting fan is huge. For
ease of use color maps are compiled by base colors.
For example, a card of green tones, a card of orange tones, etc.