/ Веер декоративных пленок

A fan is a convenient format that accommodates all samples of PVC films and does not take up much space. With it, you can effectively present products, try on the color of the future interior and compare it with the shades of other materials. 

This option is also suitable for a designer, it is easy to carry and operate. 

веер пленки пвх 1 1картинка_на сайт.jpg

Detailed information: 

  • fan size: 210 x 80 x 80; 
  • samples included: ≈ 170 pcs. 

The number of samples may change due to decor updates. 

All variants of film decor types can be viewed on the company's website in the decor types section


PVC film is a universal material for reproducing any style in your interior. It has matte and glossy surfaces, concrete, wood and other textures.