Plate holder

Product info

Material: solid birch+veneer

Coating: paint

Finishing: patina/without patina

Decorative frame sizes
716х396, 716х496, 356х596, 356х796, 356х896
Fig. with decorative frames: 62RD, 63RD, 64RD, 65RD, 68RD, 69RD, 70RD, 72RD, 77RD, 80RD, 94RD

Decorative frame profile

Монтажная область 2 копия 2@en2.png
The set consists of two grids.
We recommend using with a decorative frame.

The color of the films used in the manufacture

Case plate holder 360×600
тарелочница Франция-08.png

Case plate holder 360×900
тарелочница Франция-07.png

In the interior

Plate holder is an element that not only fits beautifully into the interior, but is also an excellent functional solution