France facade

Product info

Material: MDF

min 116×116
max 1600×1300

Paint: White 1000E, Concrete 2000E, Graphite 3000E, Magnolia 4000E,
White Pearl 7000E, Pearl 7500E, Sand metallic 8000E, as well as RAL-k7,
NCS and WoodColor in the catalogue
Сoating: paint

Facade type:
ST (for glass) 
STR (for glass-lattice)
DU, DV (curved facades)

In the interior

"France" is the lightness of elegant lines of decor. The refined "plait" on the cornice favorably emphasize the overall elegance, and the decor on the columns does not weigh down the overall look. In addition, "France", due to its columns, gives free rein to the most unexpected design solutions. The set of the series includes a plate holder - an element that not only fits beautifully into the interior, but is also an excellent functional solution.