/ A line of new SuperMat facades

A line of new SuperMat facades

12 April 2022
We are introducing the line of new SuperMat facades. They embody modern trends and technologies!
The coating of these furniture facades consists of thermoplastic Italian plastic on both sides!
Double-sided lamination of the plate (the reverse side is of the same color with the front one) looks more expensive and aesthetically pleasing, and the material can be used not only for the production of facades, but also for visible furniture parts (cases, shelves, partitions).

Base: MDF
Max size: 2780x1200
Thickness: 18 mm.
The ends are glued with an ABS edge with a thickness of 1 mm with PUR glue or a Laser edge using Hot Air technology, which gives increased thermal stability to the connection of the edge and the part.
Radius facades are not provided.
At the moment there are 15 colors in the collection.

SuperMat furniture facades have increased resistance to various influencing factors, antibacterial properties and thermal recovery. Thanks to the latest materials used, fingerprints will not remain on the surface of the facades, and micro-scratches can be easily removed by heat treatment. To do this, put a cloth on the damaged surface and heat it with an ordinary household iron. Iron the fabric evenly at a temperature of up to 80 C for 20-30 seconds. Lift the iron and remove the cloth. As soon as the surface cools down, it will return to its original state.

  •   pleasant to the touch surface;
  •   excellent color depth;
  •   low reflectivity, perfectly matte surface;
  •   resistant to scratches and abrasives;
  •   resistant to heat;
  •   fingerprints are not left on the coating;
  •   abrasion resistant;
  •   removal of micro-scratches by thermal method.