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Color Rendering Information
The images and color of the presented products may differ slightly from the original products, depending on the resolution and settings of your monitor, as well as the lighting conditions when shooting.
We recommend that you make your choice based on the samples presented in our sales offices

MDF facades operating rules

Furniture facades should be used in accordance with their functional purpose and in compliance with the following rules:

  • Furniture facades installed on cabinet furniture, must be used in dry and warm rooms, not subject to temperature changes, having heating and ventilation at an air temperature not lower than +10°С and not higher than 30°С with a relative humidity of 45-60%.

  • Do not expose facades to prolonged exposure to hot air over 70°C (open oven, preheated stove, lights and heaters, hot steam, etc.), as this can lead to deformation and peeling of the PVC film and paintwork.

  • It is not allowed to cool the facade below -25°C, which can lead to delamination and cracking of the surface of the facade coating.

  • When installing decorative lighting fixtures, in order to avoid discoloration of the coating, it is recommended to leave a distance of at least 10 cm from the facade.

  • It is not allowed to expose facades to mechanical stress (sharp objects, abrasive materials, acids).

  • It is not recommended to remove the protective film from the facades until the end of the furniture installation process.

  • After removing the protective film from the facade, the surface becomes susceptible to damage. The reason is that the protective film contains substances that soften the surface of the facade. This process can take up to a week.

  • We recommend cleaning facades with 1% soapy water, then with a dry soft cloth.

  • It is not recommended to cut facades lined with PVC film. This can lead to a change in the tension of the film, its delamination, as well as to tearing of the film.

  • When manufacturing door leaves with a height of more than 1600 mm, it is recommended to use a door straightening system to avoid possible deformation of the product.


  • Transportation of facades is carried out by all types of closed transport, excluding moisture ingress. It is necessary to ensure the safety of the factory packaging during the transportation of facades. It is not allowed to store facades in warehouses with air temperature below -15C.

  • During transportation, it is necessary to completely exclude spontaneous movement of products.

  • In order to avoid various kinds of damage, it is necessary to carry out the laying of large parts by at least 2 people.

  • Carrying boxes with facades by the packing tapes is prohibited.


The quality of the appearance of the furniture facade is visually assessed in daylight (without direct sunlight) or with even artificial lighting, identical to daylight, at a distance of 50 cm at a right angle to the flat side of the product, without the use of magnifying optical instruments, for a period of observation time of about 10-15 seconds.

Note: on facades lined with PVC film and metallic decor, micro stripes may appear, similar to stains, micro scratches or a defect in a cracked lacquered surface; dark or light stripes, spots that look like lighter or darker areas that change brightness, appear or disappear at a certain angle of view. This is not a defect, but is classified as an inevitable individual feature of metallized films. This is due to the specifics of the production technology of these films, for example, uneven distribution of the special effect, etc.

These deviations cannot be traced, as they appear randomly to a greater or lesser extent. This effect is not a defect and is not subject to exchange (return).


Warranty 24 months.

The warranty obligations include the elimination of defects on the facades that arose through the fault of the manufacturer, as well as the replacement of facades with identified manufacturing defects.

The warranty does not cover malfunctions and defects caused by the following reasons:

  • Presence of mechanical damage caused by loading and unloading, transportation, storage, installation.

  • The presence of mechanical damage on the surfaces of the facades, thermal effects or traces of exposure to chemicals, the ingress of a large volume of liquid on product.

  • In case of mechanical and other damages resulting from the natural wear of the product.

  • In cases of damage to the product under the influence of force majeure (fire, flood, and other natural disasters).

  • In case of intentional damage to the product.

  • If the facades were subjected to sawing and milling of the front surface.


  • For parts smaller than 2000 mm, allowable dimensions are +/- 0.5 mm, over 2000 mm, allowable dimensions are +/- 2 mm. Defects 0.5 x 0.5 mm = 3 pcs per 1m.

  • Uniform shagreen is allowed.

  • Restoration of small chips on the reverse side of the facade with furniture wax.

  • DN, DV, DR, DP thickness variation up to 2 mm, chord +/- 4 mm.

  • DU, DV, DR, DP facades are made with radii at the corners of 5 mm, except for parts less than 110 mm and decorative elements.

  • Different texture of the reverse side of the DU, DV facades.

  • Manifestation of MDF structure under PVC film.

  • Addition of the particles of patina on the front surface of the facade in the places of milling.

  • The appearance of the patinated facade may differ from the sample presented, due to the fact that the patina application process is artistically handmade, 100 percent repeatability of execution is impossible.

  • There may be slight patina discoloration in milling, corners and on the front plane.

  • Slight deviation of the width of the patina decor along the perimeter of the facade.

  • Reflection distortion is allowed on acrylic facades, in the absence of visible defects on the front surface of the facade.

  • Technological "skirt" of paint or varnish is allowed on the ends of painted and varnished facades. Uniform shagreen is allowed in internal milling. With additional orders of painted facades, there may be a slight discrepancy with the main order.

  • The color of printed products (RAL,WCP catalogues) differs from the actual color of the enamel, which is acceptable.

  • The shade of the PVC film may differ from the sample presented, due to the receipt of different batches of film from suppliers.


  • Scratches on the front side.

  • PVC peeling.

  • Scuffs on the front side.


  • for parts longer than 300 mm and less than 600 mm - 0.4 mm;

  • for parts longer than 600 mm and less than 1200 mm – 3.5 mm;

  • for parts longer than 1200 mm – 5 mm;

  • for DU, DV, DR, DP parts less than 940 mm long - 3.5 mm;

  • for DU, DV, DR, DP parts with a length of more than 940 mm - 5 mm.

Responsibility for the quality of products manufactured with violation of technology, at the request of the buyer, lies with the buyer. Consent to the manufacture of such products is the payment of the invoice or its confirmation by e-mail.