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Rules of operation of natural wood and veneer products

Natural wood products (hereinafter referred to as the "product") are a "live" material that reacts to all environmental changes. If the operating rules are not followed, the following natural defects may occur: warping of the surface of the product, cracking of the surface, sagging, drying of the lamellae (glued parts of the furniture panel) relative to each other.


  • The humidity in the room where the product is located should correspond to 45-60% at a temperature of 18-250 C.

  • It is necessary to avoid direct sunlight.

  • The product should be installed at least 1 meter away from heating appliances (radiators, electric heaters, etc.).

  • Clean and take care with products that contain wax. Do not use abrasives, as well as products with alcohol additives or solvents.

  • Do not put hot objects on the surface of the product without a thermal insulation gasket.

  • You only need to wipe the dust with a soft cloth - flannel, velvet, suede.

  • To prevent cracking of the products, it is recommended to pre-drill all mounting holes and only after that to install the product.

  • Installation of products can be carried out only after the temperature of the product is equal to the ambient temperature.

If the delivery of natural wood products was carried out in conditions of negative temperature, it is necessary to immediately wipe it with a clean, dry, soft cloth both outside and inside to remove the formed condensate.


The quality of the appearance of the furniture facade is visually assessed in daylight (without direct sunlight) or with uniform artificial lighting, identical to daylight, at a distance of 50 cm at right angles to the plane of the product, without the use of magnifying optical instruments, for a period of observation time of about 10-15 seconds.

Claims for inconsistency of overall dimensions and appearance are accepted before drilling, installation and operation of products, since during operation and due to humidity in the room, the tree has a natural process of shrinkage or growth.


The warranty is 24 months.

The warranty includes the elimination of defects on the facades caused by the fault of the manufacturer, as well as the replacement of facades with identified manufacturing defects.

The warranty does not cover malfunctions and defects caused by the following reasons:

  • The presence of mechanical damage caused by loading and unloading, transportation, storage, installation.

  • The presence of mechanical damage on the surfaces of facades, thermal effects or traces of exposure to chemicals, the ingress of a large volume of liquid on the product.

  • In case of mechanical and other damages caused by natural wear of the product.

  • In cases of damage to the product under the influence of force majeure (fire, flooding, etc. natural disasters).

  • In case of deliberate damage to the product.

  • If the facades were subjected to sawing and milling of the front surface.

  • In case of violation of the operating rules, namely non-compliance with the parameters of the temperature regime and humidity in the room.


Overall dimensions:

-          for products up to 120mm ± 0.6mm;

-          for products over 120 to 315mm ± 1mm;

-          for products over 315 to 1000mm ± 1.6mm; - for products above 1000mm ± 2mm;

-          chord ±4 mm;

-          diagonal ± 2 mm.

  • Cracks of natural origin, according to the structure of the tree, are allowed on the front and back surfaces.

  • On the front and back surfaces, the presence of a joint of the product elements is allowed.

  • The failure (crack) of the adhesive joint is a natural deformation due to changes in humidity during operation and transportation, and is not a manufacturing defect.

  • Due to different arrangement of fibers in the structure of the tree, when coating the paintwork, there may be a different shade, which is not a manufacturing defect.

  • The natural texture of wood can include knots, wormholes and other natural defects and are considered the norm in the finished product.

  • Shape, structure and color are not a constant and repetitive value on the front and back surfaces of the product and is the norm.

  • The tonality of the color of the product can change its shade depending on the density of a particular piece of wood.

  • Craters, bubbles, punctures are allowed on the front surface in an amount of no more than 2 pieces per 0.3 m2.

  • The color tone of the exhibition samples may differ from the color tone of the finished product.


  • for parts longer than 300 mm and less than 600 mm - 0.4 mm;

  • for parts longer than 600 mm and less than 1200 mm – 3.5 mm;

  • for parts longer than 1200 mm – 5 mm;

  • for DU, DV, DR, DP parts with a length of less than 940 mm - 3.5 mm;

  • for DU, DV, DR, DP parts with a length of more than 940 mm - 5 mm.

These rules are advisory in nature. When using wood products, the consumer should take into account that only part of the recommendations are given in this document. More detailed information is contained in the technical, scientific and operational literature and is freely available.

Responsibility for the quality of products manufactured in violation of technology, at the request of the buyer lies with the buyer. The consent to the manufacture of such products is the payment of the invoice or its confirmation by e-mail.